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Originally Posted by spot View Post
I've never been called for a footfault in a match. I've seen it called in 3 matches and every single time it was a total D-bag move by a player who was losing and who was getting frustrated. (called twice by opponents, once by my team)[/b] Deciding to enforce a rule only when you are losing is pretty much the definition of poor sportsmanship. [/b]And absolutely there are plenty of total D-bag moves that can be pulled while staying completely within the rules.
I'm on the fence there, Spot. Is it a total Dbag move to let something slide when you are winning but enforce the rule when you are losing?

I dunno. If I think I can beat you without breaking a sweat, I will let a lot of things slide. Like, I might not call a hindrance for shouting. I might not object to excessive grunting. But if I am losing or think the match is going to be tough, I might not want to deal with a lot of gamesmanship or nonsense.

An example. I hate people who return Obviously Out Faults. Huge pet peeve of mine. I don't call it, though. But if I were in a tough match and my opponent were doing it and it was either interrupting my service flow or getting under my skin, I might ask them to stop.

Does that make me a Dbag?
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