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Originally Posted by TheLambsheadrep View Post
Sorry I didn't clarify, I thought people would have based comments on my previous post questions. To Roger W and anyone who doesn't know from before, I have a POG 2 which has individual grommets. I have been told and read around that the strip from the POG 3 and on would probably not fit my POG 2. So either of those options are prob my best bet at replacing the individual grommets (since I can't find original Prince POG i.grommets)
I've used both solutions on a 2nd gen POG with the individual grommets and they both work fine and will play the same. When working with the fittex grommets it helps to have a heat gun handy (e.g. heat it then pull/stretch to fit it into a narrow hole, or make wider if it's where you tie off).
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