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hi all,

for over 25 years (i'm 39 now) off and on i've had a one handed backhand, which for the most part has never been a weapon as i use it to slice and i occasionally come over it when attacked. not to say a slice can't be a weapon, but its definitely not a finishing shot. at any rate, over the years i've slowly noticed a gradual shift in tennis, probably due to new racquet technology, string technology, and more modern techniques implemented. as a result i've had, for a number of years, consistently had a harder time dealing with all the power, spin, and angles of balls hit to my backhand. i find myself constantly on the defense (being pushed back) on my bh side and even when on court i'm in an offensive position i find it difficult to attack. perhaps i don't trust my bh anymore or never have, but now i'm losing to players who simply take advantage of my bh. my goal is to make it bh more of a weapon and a shot i can trust by converting it to a 2hbh. has anyone converted from 1 to 2 and what was your experience and end result? did you revert back, or stay the course? any info, comments, suggestions, thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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