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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
well, gold is a superior status to world series regardless of points. In the past, the point system was pretty anarchic. They still had different status (categories) for tournaments for a reason. Otherwise they could have called all of them WS and that's it.
No the international series gold/international series differential was completely meaningless for tournaments like Basel, Vienna, St Petersburg, Tokyo etc. And the 2000-2008 system was very clear.

Basically Basel and St Petersburg were held on the same week as each other and they were both very lucrative optional events. So both tournaments were international series events in status, but international series gold in money and points. In those days optional events either awarded 300, 250, 225, 200 or 175 points to the winner. Basel offered the second highest total possible, so was always considered to be one of the best tournaments outside the slams/masters events. So Vienna was superior to Basel in absolutely no-way whatsover, and in-fact year after year Basel usually got the better fields, despite being sandwiched the week in-between the Madrid and Bercy masters events. I wonder why.

As TheFifthSet has said, if you (wrongly) considered Basel to have been a lesser event from 2006-2008, then you must also consider Monte-Carlo to be a lesser event to the other 8 masters series tournaments nowadays. Consistency needs to be applied regardless of player preferences.
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