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Originally Posted by Tennis_Hands View Post
It depends what you mean.

If you mean, that the materials are crap, or around that level I am inclined to agree.

If you mean, that the construction is crap, I strongly disagree.

Actually, I got a present from a friend some time ago. A Slim fit long sleeve H&M shirt. It puts my RTW Cerruti and other even more expensive shirts to shame.
Originally Posted by heycal View Post
In terms of style or material? If the former, I defer to women's views, who seem to like their stuff on this old man. If the latter, yes, probably so. But it's also half the price of the Gap, for one example. (Speaking of which, my thinly made Gap blue jeans already have a hole in them after one year of normal wear. That store is going downhill...)
I went through H&M for the first time in about 5 or 6 years this past Sunday with my wife when she told me they were having some sort of buy-one, get-one sale on sweaters. When I say H&M is crap, I mean I felt like I was picking through the leftovers of a Lebanese bazaar. Crap style, crap materials and yes, crap construction. My wife reminded me of a couple of dresses she had that basically fell apart after wearing them once or twice. "That's what you get when you pay $19.99 for a dress", I replied.

I'm not on the bleeding edge of fashion, but I thought it was lame that H&M was still pushing the blazer-with-the-hoodie-sweater-sewn-in. Isn't that the universal d-bag uniform, or something?

Regarding the falling quality of blue jeans, I totally agree. I used to have a couple of pairs from Old Navy that looked and fit great and lasted quite a while. When I went back to ON, I was surprised at the paper-thin denim they were selling as blue jeans. I went to the GAP and found the same thing. Bought a pair anyways - out of habit, I guess, - and my initial impression was confirmed. Garbage. Even the Levi's I tried recently seemed to be lower quality (though their price has climbed steeply). A couple of labels I found acceptable quality in are Lucky and Salt.

Pet Sounds. I'm not a big Beach Boys fan but I like some of their music well enough and have a copy of Pet Sounds somewhere in my collection. I thought, for the longest time, that "Good Vibrations" was on Pet Sounds. When I realized it wasn't, it really lowered my opinion of the album.
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