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Originally Posted by dParis View Post
I went through H&M for the first time in about 5 or 6 years this past Sunday with my wife when she told me they were having some sort of buy-one, get-one sale on sweaters. When I say H&M is crap, I mean I felt like I was picking through the leftovers of a Lebanese bazaar. Crap style, crap materials and yes, crap construction. My wife reminded me of a couple of dresses she had that basically fell apart after wearing them once or twice. "That's what you get when you pay $19.99 for a dress", I replied.

I'm not on the bleeding edge of fashion, but I thought it was lame that H&M was still pushing the blazer-with-the-hoodie-sweater-sewn-in. Isn't that the universal d-bag uniform, or something?

Regarding the falling quality of blue jeans, I totally agree. I used to have a couple of pairs from Old Navy that looked and fit great and lasted quite a while. When I went back to ON, I was surprised at the paper-thin denim they were selling as blue jeans. I went to the GAP and found the same thing. Bought a pair anyways - out of habit, I guess, - and my initial impression was confirmed. Garbage. Even the Levi's I tried recently seemed to be lower quality (though their price has climbed steeply). A couple of labels I found acceptable quality in are Lucky and Salt.

Pet Sounds. I'm not a big Beach Boys fan but I like some of their music well enough and have a copy of Pet Sounds somewhere in my collection. I thought, for the longest time, that "Good Vibrations" was on Pet Sounds. When I realized it wasn't, it really lowered my opinion of the album.

Perhaps something along the lines of Zara , Nautica ,FillipaK or if you can afford it Ermenegildo Zegna could be a better deal for you?
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