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^ In your opinion... IMO it's great.

In your own words:
Originally Posted by Torres View Post
Maybe I strung it too high but despite that rubberiness it was surprisingly stiff with very little 'give' to the string.
Have you bothered to try it in right tension? Even more important, have you tried it with a poly cross?

Control was good, primarily due to its low power, but its not a poly, its not a synthetic, its not a multi, its not gut...
Exactly! It is not ment to be any of those, it's in a league of it's own (ok, maybe few other similar products exist). It is a multifillament polyester.
One needs an open mind to embrace a new product. If you wanted a poly, play with poly, if you wanted a syn, play with syn, this is something else and should be appreciated for what it is.
It's never too late for a happy childhood!
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