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Default Insanity for Tennis Conditioning

There might be more threads on the Insanity home workout already, but I thought I would just start one with my opinions for anyone who has thought about doing the workout. First, about me, I am 24 years old, 6'1" and i weighed about 204 pounds when i started insanity. I was sucking wind on the tennis court, and i didnt start insanity specifically for tennis conditioning. I did insanity to lose weight, but my roommate and I hit the courts the other day and I felt a hundred times better this time around. That day we went and hit I had only done 2 weeks of the Insanity workout and it had helped that much. I sincerely think that my stamina and new found endurance helped me play much better and push some points back on my opponent. I am happy to answer any questions people might have about Insanity, and I just wanted to give my two cents. Thanks everyone.
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