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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
I'm on the fence there, Spot. Is it a total Dbag move to let something slide when you are winning but enforce the rule when you are losing?

I dunno. If I think I can beat you without breaking a sweat, I will let a lot of things slide. Like, I might not call a hindrance for shouting. I might not object to excessive grunting. But if I am losing or think the match is going to be tough, I might not want to deal with a lot of gamesmanship or nonsense.

An example. I hate people who return Obviously Out Faults. Huge pet peeve of mine. I don't call it, though. But if I were in a tough match and my opponent were doing it and it was either interrupting my service flow or getting under my skin, I might ask them to stop.

Does that make me a Dbag?
Well, I think if something bothers you, then it bothers you - whether you are winning or losing. If something only bothers you when you are losing vs winning, then it's psychological, in which case it's your problem, not your opponents.

Or maybe you're saying some things bother you even when you are winning, but you're ok letting it slide despite it bothering you, since you have the match in the bag anyway? That's just human nature - avoid unnecessary confrontation.

But about one other thing you said: Have you ever actually objected to excessive grunting? I've just never seen that happen... although I've been tempted to do it myself. One of the guys I sometimes hit with makes a sound like a baby seal being clubbed on every shot, even dropshots.
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