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I play tennis every single day at Jimmy Evert Tennis Center. I play with many different people. The only time I really hate losing is when I am playing a real jerk who doesnt give you credit no matter how spectacular a shot you hit. And even after you bagel them, they offer no congratulations.

Otherwise I have gotten so old (55) and decrepit that I enjoy losing at times and actually welcome it. I feel good for my opponents as I am a good player and they are so pleased to have beaten me. I find I have alot more energy for the rest of the day when I go down like the Titanic on the tennis court.

When I first became a decent tennis player, I was good friends with the number one singles player at the college in my town. He used to clean my clock regularly although once in a while I would win a set or even a match! I was younger and eager to come right back after a bad loss.

Now that I am older and have won many matches and played on USTA League teams (even went to Nationals), played on club teams etc, I really have come to appreciate it when my opponent wins, I even feel happy for them. I guess it is easier now because most of the people I play are my friends.

Also when I was younger I always wanted everyone to thing I was a great tennis player. That was important to me. Now years later my friends keep telling me what a terrific player I am, it is nice but it not that important to me, what is important is that they think I am fun person to play tennis with and to be able to laugh and talk about the match once its over.

Boy am I getting OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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