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Originally Posted by jc4.0 View Post
Cindy has indicated that she always just "laughs" when someone makes a bad call and never points it out, always accepting the call even when she disagrees.

In this case, she has reversed and objects to someone playing a serve that she has considered "out", i.e., she gets steamed in this case when her opponent makes a call she feels unjust, but not the other.

What's the diff?
You completely missed that point that Cindy made. It had nothing to do with a line call. She was saying it's a pet peeve of hers when someone breaks the Code Section "A player shall not return obviously out serves", therefore making her clear a ball out of the court and delaying her second serve. Not the line call, but the delay caused by someone hitting back a ball that was obviously out, when they could have just let it go to the back fence.

That's the diff!
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