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Hey no problem, it ranges between 30 to 40 minutes a day with about 10 to 15 of that being stretching and warmup...also one of the workouts is about an hour long (actually a little less than that, but I just say an hour) i am very satisfied with these dvd's for a number of reasons. I am just like you I hate the treadmill and i hate running. I will list out some reasons why I enjoy these DVD's

1) I am a very busy person and it is hard to find time to workout. I choose to do mine in the mornings before work so I can get it over with and it makes me feel better the rest of the day

2) Very good, very motivational instructor. The guy's name is Shaun T and he isn't completely annoying like the P90X guy, in fact, he is very inspriational and seems like he genuinely cares about each and every person who tries his workout.

3) The workout will always be hard because it is based on your abilities. Unlike P90X, Insanity does not require extra accessories to complete the workout. it is just you and the video. You do need an area big enough to workout in, the one I choose is about 8 x 8 and that is just fine for me. Like i said, this workout is based on your abilities so you keep progressing, for instance, doing jumping jacks as fast as you can during the warmup, someone who is new to exercise may not do as many as someone who exercises regularly, but as long as you are doing your best, that is accepted and you will see results

4) It is a hard workout, but definitely not impossible. Some people often ask me what Insanity is like compared to P90X which is understandable. They are produced by the same company. I am not a fan of P90X because I find Tony Horton to be extremely annoying, you have to buy too much extra crap for the workout, and I can't even do half the stuff he instructs. This is where Insanity gets the edge in my opinion, no extra stuff needed, just do your best, and you will improve. There is a fit test every 2 weeks in insanity. You do one for your first day and then do it again every two weeks. I saw much improvement in the exercises that are tested. It is notable that during the first couple of weeks I did not lose much weight, if any. This is no cause for alarm because you become more toned and add muscle. I am in the 3rd week now and I am experiencing rapid weight loss.

A few more notable things. Insanity is about $150. My suggestion, if this seems kind of steep, is to recruit a friend to do it with. That way you can split the costs and motivate each other. Me and my roommate are trying this and it has proven to be very effective. We keep an eye on each other and make sure we are completing the workouts and eating better. You don't have to give up everything you enjoy eating while doing insanity, but just exercise good judgment in what you eat. They tell you to drop the sweets and junk food which should be a given for any program. I do Weight Watchers along with insanity (Weight Watchers is a product I speak very highly of as well). I will also say if you are older, it may be difficult to do insanity, especially if you get sore knees easily. It is a lot of jumping and moving around and I normally hear people complain about their knees if that has been a problem in the past. Feel free to ask any more questions and I will be happy to answer them. Thanks!
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