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Originally Posted by jc4.0 View Post
Yes, there is more than one rule dealing with "out" calls, you have just referenced two of them. Why is an out serve different from an out line call, when it comes to getting peeved? Cindy has told us she never gets upset about an out call, but maybe to clarify - she only gets miffed when someone hits what she perceives as her fault serve - a call which technically is also not hers to make because you can't call your own serve out. If your opponent plays it, you have to be ready to continue the point.

Seems to me, she should just cheerfully play each return, and not question them - but that's apparently not the case.
Slow your roll, please.

My personal approach to social matches is that *I don't object to piddling little crap, I don't enforce rules strictly, and I look to avoid confrontation or hard feelings.* I Let Stuff Go. In this manner, everyone can have fun and I won't make mortal enemies.

In league/tournament matches, I expect folks to play by the Code as best they can.

In a recent thread, for instance, I recounted something that happened in a league match. My opponent began celebrating as I was preparing to hit a ball. I called a hindrance and took the point, something I had never done before.

I would never, ever, not-in-a-million-years call a hindrance on my opponent in a *social match.* She could scream, "I slept with your husband!!" and I would not call a hindrance. I would laugh and perhaps conclude she was deeply psychotic, but I wouldn't call a hindrance.
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