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Originally Posted by slowfox View Post
Which is better? Yeah, I know it all depends on the situation, players, etc... But I notice that pros tend to do more passing shots, whereas club players go to the lob more often. At my local park it's almost comical, as soon as anybody rushes the net up go the lobs even if there's a huge opening dtl or something. Maybe park players all have crap overheads..?? Thoughts...
Percentage tennis. Pros (men especially) are much, much quicker in recognizing and getting back to lob than club players. And when they do, the overhead is very aggressive. Add to the mix that technology has made the hard, top spin return much more effective and you see the trend to lesser net play. And when confronted; a pass vs. lob.

At the club level it's a different game. Slow get back and even when doing so, the deep overhead is problematic. Avg club player may have a glimpse of a pro's hard forehand but not the speed and accuracy. Close net player will have time to get to all but the best placed passing attempt and resulting volley will find a slow, deep player.

imo, a shame in that passing and volleying are much more enjoyable than lobbing and overheads (need to get confidence in overhead!).... although many seem to take as much pleasure out of a well placed lob as I do a crisp pass.
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