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Originally Posted by norcaltennisnut View Post
If the men's coaches at Oregon and Arizona make over $1 that's what I call being over paid.
Our men's coach is awful, our men's team is awful. The women's program isn't very good either. Atleast we have some decent players on the men's team, just not with good mental tools to get through a match. The talent is DEFINITELY there. I've seen them hit a few times.

Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
$1 ? How do you make a living with that ?
You'd be surprised how far a dollar goes in Tucson. If you're not down spending money at the bars, at least. Those are pricey.

Originally Posted by Coach Carter View Post
Ha...competitive college tennis is competitive college tennis. We are talking about full-time paid coaching positions either are speaking from an outsider's perspective. Live it for a little while then try to catch a stone that is being thrown.
Full time paid head coaching positions are completely different at a D1 level vs. D3.
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