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Originally Posted by Soianka View Post
I don't have an intelligent or answer based on personal experience for raising a potential pro player.

I think we can all agree that results at a young age really should have no effect on a child's later potential.

What I just wonder though is whether losing a lot when young could possibly have a negative effect by getting the child used to losing?

I can think anecdotally of the williams sisters who were very dominant as young juniors and then didn't really compete in organized tournaments until they were professionals. I have to wonder if the early dominance made a profound effect on their mental game -- in thinking they always should and would win over anyone else.
Thats a GREAT point. I kinda feel the same way wanting her to only play college players and men until she is 14 and technically perfect. My dad thinks that i should keep her out of tournaments until she is 100% ready with no holes in her game. Her coach thinks that she needs to play tournaments for the mental and psychological development. I like the way Richard handled his girls.I am torn and not sure which is the best route for my daughter.
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