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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
The official computer rankings are based on ranking points, from how far one gets in tournaments, not from prize money won. Using your criteria, David Wheaton is the number 1 player for 1991 after getting $2,000,000 for winning the Grand Slam Cup. LOL.
Yes, I see the point about Wheaton.
But the standards for 1959 (and today? where Djokovic guaranteed #1 before the final event) and 1964 and most Grand Prix and ATP years, is points awarded for placing in designated events. This corresponds very closely to prize money won in those events. There was also a bonus money pool in 1958 and 1959, the inaugural years for Grand Prix/ATP Masters type of annual series. The bonus money concept was not carried over into the 1964 series.
Why not just use prize money? Because using points is more dignified, less mercenary, and allows a clearer distinction between designated and non-designated events.
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