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Originally Posted by vive le beau jeu ! View Post
i'm not sure this particular coach had a good influence on marcos' game...

i still have hope in marcos... and i'm hoping for a good 2013 !

his 2005 AO run was good, indeed (and a confirmation of his good showing against roger at the previous USO)... too bad he injured his wrist (i think ?) soon after.
Could this have been from overuse of the forkhand?

The guy has unbelievable potential but almost zero focus and/or motivation. He will always be dangerous, particularly on faster surfaces, but a consistent run through a stacked draw? Not so much.

The one match I will hold on to with positive thoughts for Marcos was the epic USO contest with 'Dre. Even in defeat, I think it was more of a positive than any subsequent victory. He's had a big win or two since but never with a good follow-up run.
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