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Originally Posted by Metalica View Post
I don't think hip rotation is important. Like you said Federer doesn't rotate his hip on most forehand and he even does things to isolate his shoulder and hip (i think) such as the head turn and the footwork thing he does ( i can't explain it). As a result Fed has very good balance on his forehand. I feel hip turn actually leads to overturning and a loss of balance and that leg drive and shoulder turn is much more essential to generating power.
Fed doesn't rotate his hip on most forehands?? He isolates his shoulder? Fed's 'head turn' is to help make good contact and maintain balance. the head weighs 30lbs so keeping it still is optimal. Nothing do with 'isolating the shoulder'.
Can you show me a video of Fed hitting a rally ball where he doesn't rotate his hip?

A 'full swing' does not mean 'bigger swing' or 'longer swing' and is not related to being 'not compact'. A full swing means you have a takeback, you swing and then you have a full follow through and finish around your body or above your shoulder etc.
A 'compact swing' refers to the takeback mostly and not the 'swing' necessarily.

I wouldn't recommend the method in the vid in the first post unless you have an injury or something. He's using a neutral stance, he's 'pointing at the ball', no coil in his hip and he's hitting off the front foot. Sure they might be some situation where that would be used but it's not something you want to base your regular swing on.
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