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Originally Posted by TennisCoachIN View Post
Thanks for the kind words on other thread. Believe me she is still a work in progress

Definitely, get your son in the continential grip first. He probably won't like at first and will say it feels funny, but you have to make sure he sticks with it.

The above posts are excellent advice. Please remember it is going to take a lot of work, patience and repetition.

The reason we are focusing heavy on serve at a young age is because of its importance. I see some many times during USTA tournaments kids with great groundstrokes lose partly because of a weak poor mechanic serve. IMO I feel that there is such an advantage if you take the time to learn the serve properly and build on that with tactical serve placement.
Yea he uses a Eastern Grip I taught him, it's kind of Continental, but yea we use that, I was just saying the school coach wanted consistancy so she made him do it Western.

Yea, he would pop it over the net, I felt so bad for him, I mean the serve was basically hitting a high slow shot to his opponents forehand, the other kids just killed it, so yea no point doing another tourney until he gets a good serve. I think it also will come naturally once he gets the idea so to speak in his head. For example once he got a slice, he was like "This is easy", so he practiced it and got better with it, at least I hope it will be that way with the serve!
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