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Originally Posted by westpac690 View Post
I'm looking to get a little more power out of my strings while keeping at my current tension about the same. I was thinking about hybriding Gosen Micro OG 17(currently used in full bed) with Maybe Dunlop DNA or Silk.
Does anyone have any experience or advice with hybriding a syn gut, with a mulit? Suggested string set ups also welcome.
Hybriding with any syn guts won't make it more powerful. Power comes from the type of string and the tension. The most powerful strings are (in order):

1. gut
2. multi
3. syn gut
4. poly

Gosen is already pretty stiff and is generally not very powerful.

If you want more power, stick with a full bed of a soft multi and string it lower than you are now. Try 2 lbs lower and go from there.
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