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Originally Posted by COPEY View Post
Either you're purposely exaggerating or it truly underscores how subjective these types of comparisons are. I've played with my fair share of polys/multis, and I've yet to come across a poly that's as comfortable as a multi. Right now I have Silverstring in one racquet at 43lbs, 4G in another at 41, and I'm in the process of comparing Gosen syn to Technifibre in my other two racquets. Even at those low tensions, the poly feels quite a bit stiffer than the synthetics. And you're saying BH7 (which I've hit with at 53lbs - just checked my records) feels as comfortable as a multi?

Course, if you're stringing polys in the high 40s/low 50s and your multis in the high 60s, it's a little easier to believe, but still a stretch in my opinion.
I have arm issues, which is why I use soft racquets and soft strings. I can't play with a babolat pure drive for an entire match without serious pain. I tried RPM Blast once and couldn't hold a can of soda afterwards due to the pain. I once strung a hybrid of Genesis Hexonic in the mains and OGSM in the crosses @ 55 lbs and my arm tingled the entire match.

HOWEVER, after 5 hours in one day with BHB7 @ 52, no issues what so ever.

I'd go so far as to say that POSG @ 62 lbs hurts more than BHB7 @ 52 lbs. Any syn gut, really, that high will start to hurt me.

Just for giggles, I ordered a pack of BHBR and will string that up perhaps tonight, 52 lbs. i have a match sunday, I'm curious to see how that feels.

so ya, to me its really soft. A little "too" soft.
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