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Originally Posted by tistrapukcipeht View Post
Ok, I hope there is microcore in there.

So you're saying the VCore Xi 280g is as solid as the vcore 100s but with less weight??

I wonder how good the regular 300g will be, let alone the 98 version.
The hoop "feels" solid, yes, like it doesn't matter that the lower part of the racket is lighter. It still delivers the pop that's similar to the VCore 100s but seemingly with lesser pace or weight on the ball. I didn't feel the pace troubling my hitting partner. Big difference with EZone Xi 98 that I demoed at the same time. While I didn't get the snappy and crisp feedback that I like from the VCore Xi 100 or 100s, the shots generated are much heavier, spins or otherwise.
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