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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
BLX Blade Tour gets massive reviews today on this site. Pretty hefty frame. Sick paint job though. Sleeper frame for the mid crowd?

Also sounds like the 18x20 Blade is the better stick for the reviewers. This is not a huge surprise to me as the beauty of the blade is the control fused with the headspeed you get. When you combine those 2, the result is a very heavy ball with more than enough spin on it.
Intrigued. And that paintjob - sick enough as is, but also matte to boot? Oh man. I do wonder on these Blades: the specs are so similar to the previous version, I really wonder if they just added those amplifeel strips to the handle, new paint and called it a day.

Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Update : I was chosen to demo the new APD. So Ross - strap in. I should have it soon.
Originally Posted by PED View Post
Me too, supposed to be here next week.
Me three.
Carpe diem.
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