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It's my own experience that playing on clay builds better footwork. Can't cheat on footwork. Have to be in balance because surface is slippery. On hard court your footwork can be off, but you get enough grip to transfer weight and hit a big ball. As far as patience and building points- bashing from baseline and beyond on clay not as effective because the surface is slower. Have to open the court up more before pulling trigger. These grinding, neutral, and defensive skills are critical in the pro game. Can't play offense on every ball. Have to be able to play all the shots effectively. As far as off the court footwork training- not sure. Lot of other off court I do first before getting to that.
Try this go watch a match with 2 solid players , watch as the ralley and count every step one of the players is taking for every swing , on average the player will take 6 to 8 steps per swing and with basic math skills it will turn out something like 850 steps to just over a 100swings now what do you think is more important footwork or strokes ?
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