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Originally Posted by LuckyR View Post
First, this was the WTF, and the stands were packed for every single match, singles or doubles. Second, no "ifs", they did beat the best in the world and you are correct they are talented, but then again, you already knew that.

To the OP's point, Marc and Marcel illustrate a comon doubles team in that there is a setter and spiker and each can play both roles. When Marc is at the baseline, you know he is going to go crazy CC where poaches will be uncommon and the return has a chance of being weak, also approaches will be coughed up from shoetops, so Marcel can spike an easy volley. When Marcel is at the baseline, he is a threat to go into the netman's alley, so poaches also will be less common than average, Marc, of course is an excellent poacher with great reflexes and hands at the net.

Marcel, even though not a natural volleyer must be intimidating at the net (since her practically stands on top of it), since Marc's very low pace serve often results in service winners, which I would not have predicted.
So they are very good at doubles, with great reflexes, volleys, poaching etc. I am still not sure what the OP's question was. Somehow it seemed to involve NOT having great serves and groundies and what club players can learn from them. If the answer is that club players can learn great doubles skills from them, then that is obvious. If the answer is that they need NOT develop great serves and groundies because they can win doubles without it, then that is not satisfactory. In other words, not having a great serve does not seem to be something to aspire for.
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