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Originally Posted by spot View Post
I run a big round robin in Atlanta and I have played around with the idea of starting some sort of ladder. I have a huge group of people that would likely sign up but If I was going to do it I'd want to do it right. As far as I can tell one of the biggest issues is that not many women like the idea of having their spot challenged- it just sounds too confrontational.
Oh, women freak completely out at the idea of challenging and being challenged. If you challenge and lose, it's "Who do you think you are?" If you are challenged and you lose, people treat it like you just suffered a death in the family: "Did you hear about what happened to Karen?"

In contrast, a round robin is easier to deal with mentally. You're being forced to play against so-and-so. You go out and play your best. There's no losing face or saving face beyond the score of that one match.

I suspect men feel the same way, judging by how hard it seems to be to set up a men's ladder match or flex match. Men just won't admit it.
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