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Hey pv,

A bit off-topic, but in the Dunlop 4D200T thread in the rackets section I read you dumped the 200 Tour and went over to Head. I posted a question there, but I suppose you won't be looking at that thread anymore.

In the past I've seen vids of you hitting, and you seemed strong and fit enough to wield the Tour without restrictions. Could I ask you what it was about the Tour that made you look elsewhere? Have you found what you were looking for, and are you missing anything of the Tour now that you've made the switch?

I'm a happy 200 Tour user myself for the past 3 years, and it has helped me to develop my game to a new level. I can't help wondering, however, whether my current game could benefit from a slightly lighter, more forgiving package.

I'm very interested in your experiences because our games seem to be fairly similar in style.
Indeed, the weight of the stick never was an issue for me. I first played a Dunlop 200G in 7th grade, so I'm quite used to their heft. The issue was that I was stuggling to control how the racquet head came through the ball. Since the swing weight was so high, that makes it more tricky to time shots like mid-court to cross-court passing shots (say the opponent hits a short volley, going DTL over the high part of the net is quite risky). With the lighter swingweight and a bit more pop, I can impart more spin and less power. It's the flexibility over outright pace vs. spin that I was looking for. Lighter sticks don't give the power due to plow through, and heavier sticks leave the spin at the mercy of the racquet. That sweet spot to choose is what I wanted, and the Prestige Pro was bang on. It reminds me of a Dunlop 300 with the heft of the non-tour 200. As I said earlier in this thread, Dunlop does not make such a racquet, so I had to look elsewhere. The Prestige is that racquet.
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