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Originally Posted by heycal View Post
I don't think people in the music industry have any monopoly on taste. In fact, there is is ample evidence of quite the opposite.

And I really don't care about sales or popularity, so I don't know why you guys are feeling a need to defend the album on that count. Good seller or bad seller, hits or not, I'm just saying a lot of the songs on the album ain't that great.
If you don't like it that's fine. A lot of people don't like it. But, it had a huge influence on music, and the music industry from that point.

One of the biggest was the amount of time and effort that people put in to making an album. From 1961-1965 The Beach Boys released 10 albums, I think. Pet Sounds alone took a full year to complete.

Basically how it worked was, Brian stayed home, composed the music, The band would tour, return home, add in the vocals, leave and tour some more. Albums had to be made fast, and not a great deal of effort was put into the album, aside from 2 or 3 hit songs.

After Pet Sounds, that entire culture changed. People, started taking a lot more time over an album, and making sure that it was a complete product on its own.

Look at a lot of the big albums of the 70's, A Night At the Opera, Children of The World, pretty much any Queen Album in fact, The Who's albums. The reason is a direct result of Pet Sounds.
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