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Have you bothered to try it in right tension? Even more important, have you tried it with a poly cross?
No, and no. I tested the 16g, to be fair, I should have tried it at a lower tension (and probably in a thinner gauge), but I wrongly assumed it would be more 'multi' than 'poly'. I think I strung it around 54lbs in a Dunlop 300 Tour. It was utterly, utterly hideous. That rubber coating is just grim. There have been strings I didn't much care for, and there have strings I thought were a bit 'meh', but until I tried X-Code, I never hated any string that I've played with....

Normally, I would test at least a couple of sets of any particular string at different tensions, but the characteristics of X-Code 16 were so bad, I never want to touch it again. The materials of the string won't change and the construction won't change, though I will concede that a thinner gauge at a lower tension will probably be livelier and may have less of the rubbery dead feel that I experienced with the 16g. 'May' being the operative word.

That said, if you're willing send me a free set of 17g, I'd be happy to playtest it again, this time at a lower tension.

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One needs an open mind to embrace a new product
I had a open mind. That's why I playtested upon release, so see what this new construction was about and whether it would offer anything different. Normally, I wait for some time after a string is released and see whether its still being talked about before testing it so as avoid the hoopla and hype. It took me 3 years for example to get round to testing Genesis Black Magic.

The X-Code playtest just slammed my mind shut because it was so bad. It's also unjustifiably expensive for what it is and I don't expect the price to come down due to the more complex construction. I don't see that X-Code offers anything that a poly or poly/hybrid doesn't. And when you take price into account X-Code is starting to look like a white elephant.

Don't get me wrong - if you like it, great! But I don't see what advantages it offers in any area of string performance over and above the competition. If anything, it seems to be compromised in all areas.

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it's in a league of it's own (ok, maybe few other similar products exist). It is a multifillament polyester.
NXT Control would be a similarly constructed string. No idea what it plays like though.
Hopefully, it doesn't have the strange rubber coating of X-Code....

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