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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
So they are very good at doubles, with great reflexes, volleys, poaching etc. I am still not sure what the OP's question was. Somehow it seemed to involve NOT having great serves and groundies and what club players can learn from them. If the answer is that club players can learn great doubles skills from them, then that is obvious. If the answer is that they need NOT develop great serves and groundies because they can win doubles without it, then that is not satisfactory. In other words, not having a great serve does not seem to be something to aspire for.
I agree with your wording, but I think it is more about taking the game you have, say, a serve without overpowering pace, and learning to win doubles with it, rather than making the declaration that you shouldn't, or don't have to have a serve with pace.

In other words there isn't a single shot, part of fitness/training or tactics/strategy, that improving it wouldn't be a desirable thing, but the reality is that some of us have maximized what we will ever do with a stroke, say a serve speed of 85 mph. But by adding to that "liability" with other assets, you can make a winning game.
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