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Originally Posted by Xonemains View Post
every once in a while an advance guy tries this stick and says exactly what you said.

the rest who have tried it and hasnt switched just cannot handle a higher swingweight maybe?

let us know how you go with a extended demo
I'm gonna ask my friend if I can throw a nicer set of strings in there for him. He bought it used with the ALU Rough/PSGD already worn out. I wanna give this thing a fair shot. Once I do that I'll report back.

I just think it takes a certain type of person who likes the heavier swingweight. Whether it's golf or tennis I just like feeling a little more weight at the end. I feel like it smooths the golf swing/tennis stroke out and helps out when I strike it off center or am pulled wide.

I see my buddy tonight. It probably won't take much to convince him to let me put in some fresh strings at no charge.
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