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Originally Posted by kiteboard View Post
Try it once on a soft tissue injury. What do you have to lose? Forget ice/heat. Just do the shoving three times a day. Then report on it, pos/neg.
A lot. I have a right shoulder capsule full of scar tissue from people mis-reading MRIs and thinking I just had tight muscles. They did ultrasonic treatment and heat treatments for years only to realize that all they'd done is lock a torn tendon in scar tissue and reduce my ROM by about 35%. I cant touch my back with my right hand, that's how clogged up my shoulder joint is. There was no negative energy in my shoulder or negative particles floating around. It was chronic damage which led to a tear that went unnoticed. Straining myself would have done nothing but potentially popped some blood vessels. So when you say to try ancient martial arts techniques which no modern martial artist practices in favor of tried and true medicine, I say a lot. You have a lot to lose.

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