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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post

What does that mean?

Higher tension is better control for flatter hitters. Lower tension retains the power for spin hitters. The spin is used to control the ball. This is why Nadal, the hardest swinger in the game strings at 55#s. Now ask yourself, do you hit nearly as hard as him? No. So could you not string your poly at 48 or 50 if you are a spin hitter and retain good control? Of course.

The problem with lower tensions is that it challenges poor technique. If you arm the ball you will have to resort to stringing high even though you hit with spin.

I don't see what is confusing about stating that in a match situation it is not always possible to use spin. Like when just having enough time to block back a big shot or serve. That is when a tighter tension will help with control.

I am confused when you state that higher tension is better control for flat hitters and lower tension retains the power for spin hitters. Say what? Does this mean that lower tension will not retain the power for flat hitters?

Lower tension gives more power to any hitter, just like higher does the opposite. Then you claim that rafa uses 55lbs. and so a club player like myself should be able to use a lower tension because I don't swing near as hard.

Again this make no sense to me, a pro player has perfect timing and preparation unlike an amateur. Plus I always love these tension comparisons to the pro players. Yes Rafa does use 55lbs. tension on his rackets for about a half hour or so and then he changes to a fresh string job.

So when people claim they are using the same tension as a pro player that only applies for the first half hour, every hour after that let alone days they are no where near that tension.

I do agree that you need a lot better timing and technique when using low tension, that is exactly why especially in match play when rushed a higher tension helps maintain control. I don't know about arming the ball needing more tension, not sure what you mean by that.
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