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Wink ankle & bikes

Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Couple three docs say unofficially I have torn tendons in the top of my foot, which explains why it takes so long to heal and that I can still windsurf just fine, but have trouble snowboarding and loading that ankle.
My KX-420 actually got about 30 mpg. But it also holeshot 80% of the starts, so I couldn't complain. My bud's Maico490 actually got worse mileage. My roomate's CR-450 got about 50 mpg. The Husky390WR I had for 4 months barely got 30. My BSA500MX got about 65 mpg, used the old Husky aluminum 1.6 gallon tank and did fine on the sand beach rides for over 1.5 hours, including keystone cop chase scenes running from the SanFrancisco City Cops.
Still, as I said, adding fork and shock oil, tranny and water coolant, + the minimum 3 gallon tank (presume you ride in the desert), you're looking at 235lbs. minimum.
Maybe run a slow throttle to start....or don't take a handful of throttle.
How long ago did u hurt it? What were you doing any sports? Well the other 4 strokes are listed 235 dry and this bike is listed 213.8 dry. So 4 stroke 450's would be like 260 with gas and oil. My shoulder tendon took 7 months to heal. I tweaked my achilles tendon and that took 10 months to heal since I still played some tennis on it. Not going to ride in the desert sand gets in everywhere a bit$h to clean. I am going to take it to a mx track and ride in dirt. I only rode once in sand in NJ and hated it!! I think I will opt for the 4 gallon tank so I can ride longer and not need to refill at the track. I think I will be shot after 4 gallons and go home and take a nap!!
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