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hi guys,

for years i've used ashaway crossfire 17, which is a 17g kevlar main with syn gut 16g. for the last couple years i've heard of all these different poly stings that claim to have tons of spin. i've finally decided to try a few of them out (hurricane pro tour 17, sspp 17g, tcs 16g, and few others and have yet to find anything that can really compare to the spin, durability, and tension maintenance of crossfire. i know that kevlar isn't great for your arm, but can anyone suggest to me a poly that has the spin potential (or close to it) of a kevlar hybrid setup? or does kevlar stand alone in the spin department.

There are a lot of poly strings that will produce a lot of spin, but they also will produce a lot more power than what your kevlar does. I know what you mean about the spin kevlar produces, but most here claim that kevlar is no where near as good at producing spin as poly does but I am not so sure. This is coming from quoted lab tests, I don't think that many here that make these claims have actually tried kevlar very much to make a good comparison.

I am in the same boat as you I am trying to get away from kevlar, I have found quite a few polys that will produce great spin. But the problem is that after the first hour or so the poly loses its magic and control. And by the next day it will feel a little better and softer but it loses a lot of control. Where kevlar usually plays better the next day and will maintain its control for days.
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