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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
The "old pros" (not including Newcombe, Roche, Smith, Ashe) won six of the first seven, only Ashe winning at Forest Hills, but in 1970 and 1971 the younger guys finally broke through, although Rosewall won at Forest Hills.
This dominance was mainly by Laver and Rosewall. Where was Gimeno (apart from the weakened 1972 French), Stolle, Ralston, Bucholz, McKay, etc. Emmo had a good run at Wimbledon in 1970 and Forest Hills in 1969.
Again wrong: The younger guys did not break through after 1969. Laver and Rosewall just could not or would not participate at all majors. When they did the still were awesome.

I have already given you Gimeno's highlights in open era, but you just ignore them. Okay.... Stolle, Buchholz, Ralston were still very good even when they declined.. For instance Ralston beat Newcombe at the AO and Laver at the US Open...

Stolle and Buchholz had also good runs in open majors. Not just Emmo.

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