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Default wimp?

Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Hurt it Sept.'08 landing a moderate, maybe 8' high jump on my windsurf board with footstraps set too big. My foot, upon landing, jammed in too far and twisted hard inwards. I immediately knew something was wrong, and sailed in, very gingerly, no weight on that front foot.
Haven't run for a tennis ball until last week, when I ran for a lob to within 2' of the baseline. Everyone expressed concern.
I'd really worry about the power on a MX track. Think of doing doubles and an extra, unintended tweak of the throttle in the heat of battle.
I used to beat the BostromBros whenever we raced on a blue groove track, or on mud races. They'd kill me in wide open traction tracks (VetExpert). They rode CR-500's against my KX420 or RM-500's, which had much much less overall power, but more tractable and easy to ride. Even my HuskyWR-390, got some holeshots, just due to it's easy riding tractable power.
OTOH, maybe I"m a wimp at heart. Still, was weighing around 140 then.
I think you're gonna spend lots of $$$ on rear tires.

Can u still go windsurf? How much do u weigh now? I was only 128lbs when I got my first 125 at 5'10 3/4 I was like a toothpick. I lifted alot of weights over the years until I got up to 198 by 25 years old. Even at 192 I felt too skinny. I bulked up to 230 but too heavy for tennis. I played my best tennis on clay at 215lbs. Nah I doubt I will ride that much, I think I will have to drive a bit away to find some dirt on here it's mostly sand out here. I only time I wore out a rear tire was riding my 125, 250 and 500 on the streets of NYC and not one cop could ever catch me. They also caught kids of those little kx, cr, rm, yz 80's. I even rode on the hwy at night pinned out in fifth gear not sure how fast I was going since no spedo but I was moving. I evn rode in the rain at night which was a hand full with dirt tires haha.
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