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Originally Posted by tlm View Post
There are a lot of poly strings that will produce a lot of spin, but they also will produce a lot more power than what your kevlar does. I know what you mean about the spin kevlar produces, but most here claim that kevlar is no where near as good at producing spin as poly does but I am not so sure. This is coming from quoted lab tests, I don't think that many here that make these claims have actually tried kevlar very much to make a good comparison.
Actually, there is no published lab data on kevlar (full bed kevlar or kevlar/syngut) spin rates in conventional string pattern, probably because Kevlar is pretty much gone from the pro game at this point so no one is studying it. So anyone claiming that copoly produces more spin than kevlar is basing those assertions on their personal experience and perceptions.

And as far as power goes, kevlar is about twice as stiff as a firm copoly like Alu Power, which means you'd get about 3 miles per hour more on an average shot with that copoly than you would with kevlar. That is quite a lot, about the same difference as between copoly and natural gut.
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