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Originally Posted by Prisoner of Birth View Post
You are the one that's wrong. Laver participated in the 1970 Wimbledon and US Open and didn't make it past the 4th round at either event. Not exactly "awesome".
I'm not as wrong as you might think. Of course you are right that Laver had a terrible downfall in 1970 and later (that's the reason, btw, why I cannot give him the alone No.1 for 1970) but Rosewall and Gimeno kept carrying the flag of the old pros: Rosewall won the 1970 US Open and reached final at Wim.,Gimeno reached SF at Wim., Rosewall won the strong 1971 AO and reached SFs at Wim., Rosewall won the 1972 AO and Gimeno won the 1972 French Open. How good the old pros might have been we can see also in Rosewall's two big finals in 1974 when he was 39.

I agree that Laver declined earlier than Rosewall, at least at the majors.

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