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Nope, no speculation about how Borg would have done at the USO after '81. I just emphasized his record as it stands: 3 finals in 4 attempts in pretty good.

Sure, anyone who tried to argue that Borg would have won the USO on hard courts before '78 would have a weak case. That was not my argument at all. I was just bringing up Borg's hardcourt major record to show that it was pretty decent: 3 finals in 4 attempts. I don't have a problem with Nadal getting placed above Borg on hardcourts, because after all he's got two titles on hard; but he also has plenty of early-round losses before '09, on hard. His overall record in hardcourt majors may be superior to Borg's due to his trophies, but his early losses before '09 close some of the distance between the two men.
Sorry but the whole problem of that argument is Borg only got to play a hard court during his absolute peak years of 1978-1981. It would be like if the only hard court slam Nadal could ever play was the U.S Open from 2008-2011, and in that case Nadal's overall record would be superior to Borg with a title, runner up, and two semis, vs Borg who has no title, one more final, but a loss in the quarters which Nadal those years did not have. Had Borg had to play the U.S Open on hard courts before 1978 you can rest assured he would have numerous early losses, as it was he had 3 losses before the quarters the 5 previous years with it played on clay or grass, so would likely (almost certainly) have only been worse, or in absolute best unlikely case scenario no better, had it been on hard courts.
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