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Originally Posted by xFullCourtTenniSx View Post
Already have a full follow through. Had one since I saw Nadal's forehand.

Really? You don't like the forehand? Hmmm... It's been the one that has given me by far the most easy power. I noticed that when I see a ball that comes in a little short and slower in my strike zone, I step into the ball and hit basically that exact shot and either get a winner or get a massively aggressive position in the rally.

Can't get much more coil from the upper body either. That's why I'm focusing on the lower body load.
Good. Any player over 4.5 most likely has a full follow through.
Well, I didn't say i didn't like it. I said 'I' wouldn't recommend it. Neither would anyone else on this board (for a rally ball). He's demonstrating it correctly. He has good form. That kind of forehand is 100% valid. You can get power with it.
However, and i don't know what kind of players you usually meet, but that kind of forehand is definitely at a disadvantage when matched up with a 'modern fh'. I'm not going to get into what that means as you can find that info here on your own. If you are referring to short balls then yes it is stepped into using neutral or closed. But short ball attack and rally balls are different.

What do you mean 'can't get much more coil'? Do you mean you can't? or do you mean the guy in that video can't? If the latter than I disagree because that guy has zero coil in that video. He's rotating, not coiling.
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