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Originally Posted by dParis View Post
I thought, for the longest time, that "Good Vibrations" was on Pet Sounds. When I realized it wasn't, it really lowered my opinion of the album.
Join the club! I thought it was on Pet Sounds too. And when the best song on Pet Sounds isn't even on Pet Sounds, well, you know the album's got a problem...

Originally Posted by dParis View Post
I stopped letting teenagers pick out my clothes on my twentieth birthday...
Originally Posted by chrischris View Post
Personally, i will never underestimate the judgement of people younger than me.. not even when it comes to jeans.
Gentlemen, it's very simple: you let women who are the target age of women you'd like to date pick out your clothes. If you like girls in their 20's (and who doesn't?) let them pick out your jeans, and if you like girls in their 30's (and who doesn't?), you let them pick them out. But when you have a pair of jeans that pleases both your target group AND your teenage daughter and women your own age, well, you know you've got a winner.

Originally Posted by ninman View Post

After Pet Sounds, that entire culture changed. People, started taking a lot more time over an album, and making sure that it was a complete product on its own.

Look at a lot of the big albums of the 70's, A Night At the Opera, Children of The World, pretty much any Queen Album in fact, The Who's albums. The reason is a direct result of Pet Sounds.
Beatles had nothing to do with all this, huh?

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The key to a quality pizza is fresh quality ingredients along with the chef's skill, of course, not to mention a decent oven. They even have training programs and workshops here in the city for people from Italy and elsewhere in Europe that want to learn how to cook pizza.
Exactly. There's no shame in asking for help.
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