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Fair enough comments. Not for everyone, I guess...
To me the key was to use a slipery cross, though.

Originally Posted by Torres View Post
That said, if you're willing send me a free set of 17g, I'd be happy to playtest it again, this time at a lower tension.
Ha, ha, you are out of luck there. I'm out of 17, awaiting some 16 in the mail. Hope I'd like it just as 17.

But I don't see what advantages it offers in any area of string performance over and above the competition.
Again, to me, the main advantage was near-poly performance, without feeling boardy or harsh and playing good for many days, unlike the poly.
Secondary advantages, to me, controlled power and precission.

I must admit that it did feel strange (different) when I first tried it. After few days I got used to it and started to appreciate the quality of play, to the point that I'm always dissapointed when I play different strings (except gut/poly combo).

I totaly agree that $16 retail is huge.
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