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Originally Posted by movdqa View Post
I did this with my previous set of racquets. It was useful for different environments (indoors vs outdoors, clay vs hardcourts). They were the same frame, with variance of 0.1 oz stock at 12.8, 12.9, 13.0, 13.1 ounces. In general, I didn't switch racquets.

My current set is matched but my stringer unfortunately put something different in and the weight is different so it was a bit frustrating hitting with it. I got the other one strung and that's been fine but I had to do something on the one with the different strings.

I keep a pack or two of lead tape in my bag and can just add or remove lead tape if I want to fine-tune on the court.
For some reason I'm doubting that you can feel a difference. I'm not saying that you can't, I'm just skeptical.
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