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Originally Posted by Bmr View Post
I just weighed my Extreme Pro on my digital scale and it was 338.1 grams strung (stock). It's 341.9 with my shock absorber. I don't know what it's going to be when I replace my grip, but the stock weight is supposed to be 332.xx. That's quite a bit of difference. I weighed my SPB racquets and they all came in a tad higher than the 320g stock weight, mostly because of the thicker grip. 342 g+ is a lot of weight and it seems heavier than the demo I used.

My Wilson Juice actually came in under the stock weight by a bit, even with an overgrip. Go figure.

For anyone with the Head series, can you weigh the racquet and let me know where it comes in? Almost 6 grams higher than stock weight seems a bit excessive to me.
It's always like this with racquets from big companies like Wilson/Head/Babolat. I ordered two IG Radical MPs. One weighed 320g stock, one weighed 312g, and the demo at my local club weighed like 310g. If you order multiple racquets from a major company from TW and are serious about tennis, the racquet matching service is pretty much mandatory, imo.
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