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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Oh, women freak completely out at the idea of challenging and being challenged. If you challenge and lose, it's "Who do you think you are?" If you are challenged and you lose, people treat it like you just suffered a death in the family: "Did you hear about what happened to Karen?"

In contrast, a round robin is easier to deal with mentally. You're being forced to play against so-and-so. You go out and play your best. There's no losing face or saving face beyond the score of that one match.

I suspect men feel the same way, judging by how hard it seems to be to set up a men's ladder match or flex match. Men just won't admit it.
I don't know haha!

I play box league. We have 11 boxes. Box 1, Box 2, and Box 3 are Open to 5.5 respectively. We have over 600 members at our club so we have a lot of high level guys. Box's 4-5 are 4.0-5.0. Then Box's 6-11 are below 4.0. We don't have a lot of midrange players so they are the smallest number of boxes, and each box has around 10 people in it give or take.

It's a sort of weird experience. You enter via self rate, and then the boxes work out from there. After each box league season of 2 months, you are evaluated on your W/L record and moved accordingly if you sign up again. It's a good way to evaluate your play however.

This year I've had 3 matches out of my box of 7 people so far. I play in box 5. I've gone 1 and 2. Scoring is done best out of 11. I won 9-2 against a guy who played Box number 6 last year. The next match I lost 11-0 to a guy who should be in box 1 or 2. My last match was yesterday where I lost to a 5.0 woman 7-4. That's also the nice thing about our box, it's done by box skill level, not gender. It's interesting getting to play tournament level people of the opposite sex.

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