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Yea I read a bunch about this last night, unbelievable really. It begs questions such as would the Nadal and Djokes of the world do well in the 90's, or likewise would Sampras do well today.

This stuff is HUGE. I read that they have slowed down the courts so they can get longer rallies for the fans, the problem is that this TOTALLY distorts GOAT and stats for players. If Fed played on mainly faster courts of the 90's would he have a better record than in the 2000's? Likewise would Nadal and Djoke do worse in the 90's?

Maybe Feds "Demise" is not age but slower courts, I do know this, they have to stop screwing around with the courts for fans sake, make them uniform, I mean keep clay clay, grass grass, but keep the speed consistant for each surface.

Yea, come to think of it Sampras did poorly on slow surfaces, maybe he would be average today.

The reason they slowed the courts down was to stop the snoozefest serving contests that were going on. The Sampras era is were this began because the game was so fricking boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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