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Default Video of me demoing new Dunlop M 3.0

very nice frame. Great upgrade from the BioM 3.0 IMO.

if you guys want to give me some pointers or comments on my technique,
please do so on this thread in the tips/instruction section...

The new M 3.0 is a bit more powerful than prior models and feels crisper. The sweetspot feels good when you nail it and you know it when you miss. Great control and you can swing away without fear if hitting long. Its got a nice balance of control and power. Firmer feeling than past models as well.
Good touch and feel on volleys and dropers. Racquet seems heavy enough stock but would benefit from a little added lead tape. I also tried the F 3.0, but definitely preferred the M due to it's livelier feel and more open pattern. Not sure why TW gave the M such mediocre reviews? If you are interested in this frame definitely check it out yourself. The TW review doesn't do it justice IMO.
to see what I'm up to lately:

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