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Originally Posted by asked_answered View Post
I completely agree that practicing a serve on a weekly basis is a huge help. That's how my second serve got the point it's at now. It (and my first serve, of course) needs many more weeks of practice time that I don't have at present.

That sounds like a really good hitting experience! I hit with a 4.5 guy a couple of weeks ago because he wanted a live target for a forty minute session, instead of hitting against the ball machine, and that was great fun and very educational for me. He ran me ragged, of course.
Haha! You literally have all the time in the world to practice throughout your life. There's definitely no rush!

It was a good experience. I have no doubts I'll beat her next time we play. I just can't get drawn into the net to face the wrath of her passing shots LOL! It's awesome when you play against really good players that can put you through your paces. I love it. I'm pretty out of shape (as you can probably tell from the videos) so I love getting a good sweat on!

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